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Running Tips for Beginners


Various Running Shoes

Running is considered the oldest form of exercise. Experts believe the human body is shaped to run – it’s what we've evolved to do (so you’ve got no excuse!)

Running is the one of the most accessible types of exercise, you can do it anywhere and it's free! With apps like 'Couch to 5k' there's also an abundance of advice around to help you cross the finish line.

Why Start Running? Studies have shown that burning calories by running can help prevent obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. Improving cardiovascular health through running has also been proven to help fight heart disease and high blood pressure too.

What’s more, scientists have found that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life. Healthy heart, healthy mind as they say. Looking for more reasons to start running? Check out our 8 benefits to running post.

Various Running Shoes

The Next Step Okay, so now we’ve convinced you its time to get up off the sofa and lace those trainers. You may be a beginner but fear not, you're in safe hands.

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider to ensure you’ll reach your running goals:

  1. Make sure you have the right kit.
    It sounds simple, but make sure you've got the right pair of running shoes before you set off. (Want a breakdown of what to wear? Check out our running gear guide that will breakdown exactly what you need.)

  2. Set small achievable goals.
    It doesn't matter how experienced you are, setting challenges is the best way to stay motivated; it's especially important when you're just starting out.

  3. Did you remember to warm up?
    Stretching and warming up will loosen up your muscles and raise your heart rate, preparing you for exercise. Five minutes is all you need. (Don't know how to warm up? Check out our collaborative video with Womens Running Magazine on How to Warm Up Effectively.)

  4. Start with short running intervals.
    It doesn't matter how experienced you are, setting challenges is the best way to stay motivated; it's especially important when you're just starting out.

  5. Products for Running
  6. Don't start out too fast. Keep a steady pace.
    Very much linked to the previous point, there's nothing worse than over-doing it at the start of your run, then struggling through the rest of it.

  7. Make sure you take time to cool down by walking and stretching
    at the end of a run. Cooling down helps lower the heart rate back to normal, while stretching will reduce build-up of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the reason your muscles cramp and ache the next day.

  8. Keep a diary of times and distances.
    There's no point in setting goals if you don't track them. It's always nice looking back and seeing how far you've come too.

  9. Don't over do it. Leave plenty of time for recovery.
    Letting your body climatise to a new exercise routine is key. It's better to run 4 times for 4 weeks rather than 4 times in 1 week and not again for the remaining 3 weeks.

  10. Train and run with others.
    Running can be boring, especially by yourself. Having a running partner or exercising as part of a group can provide extra motivation. Having someone rely on you also makes it more difficult to skip on a run.

  11. Make running a habit.
    Even when its raining and you're tired, get up and get your running shoes on. Get yourself into a position where you can't let yourself down. Joining a running club is a good way of getting into a weekly running routine.

Looking for more information and tips? Check out our Running Guide that'll answer all your running related queries!

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