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Birkenstock Brand Guide


Birkenstock Brand Guide

If ever there was a piece of footwear that truly stood the test of time, it would be Birkenstock. The brand can trace its history all the way back to 1774, in the German town of Langen-Bergheim. It was from here that a family of master cobblers (the Birkenstocks) built an orthopaedic empire that grew in from the late 19th Century into the early 20th.

However, it was during the 60s and 70s where Birkenstock really came into their own. It was said that you couldn’t truly be a part of the hippie movement without owning a pair of these sandals. The reason for this was Birkenstock’s reputation for being eco-friendly and renewable. For example, the now famous cork soles are made from cork oak trees, with the bark being removed then allowed to regrow – meaning no trees are cut down. In addition to this, the sandals can all be repaired, making them as good as new.

Birkenstock still represents these same values today, with popularity again resurging as retro styles feature more prominently on the sartorial scene. As the brand evolves, so do their products. With many different styles of sandals, slides and flip-flops to choose from, there’s always something you’re going to love.

If you do decide to treat your feet this summer and dive into Birkenstock, you can rest assured that you’re in good company. Celebs such as Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashton Kutcher are all firm fans of the famous footwear brand.

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