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How are we so cheap?

April 2022

We know when you see a deal that’s too good to be true, it usually is. Unless that is, you’re shopping at MandM. Things are done in a certain way here to ensure that you, the customer, always get the biggest brands for the lowest prices. So, how are MandM so cheap?

Savvy Buyers

Pound sign clothing Pound sign clothing

Our savvy buyers use all their expertise to buy directly from the brands you see on our site. Some items may be super limited within certain sizes or some designs may be from the previous season. This means that our buyers are able to negotiate the best prices for products, meaning big savings. We then pass these savings straight onto you, making sure that you, our valued customer is always getting the best deal possible.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone

Shorts and Sunglasses Shorts and Sunglasses

Due to the way we buy, our stock is usually quite varied and we don’t always get the same products twice. Once a size or colour variation sells out, we may never get it in again. This means our customers have to be quick to get their hands on the latest drops as once they’re gone, they really are gone!

Also, MandM is based online. Brick and mortar stores are expensive to run, they tend to pass this cost onto you the customer within the cost of the products. MandM does not have a shop and the expense that comes with it so this allows up to keep prices low.

Quick Turnaround

Warehouse Warehouse

Another plus of shopping with MandM is that we own and hold all of the products you find on our website within our distribution centre, so there’s no waiting around when your order comes through. Your items are picked, packed and distributed so that you get your products as soon as possible; because we know nobody likes waiting.

So, make sure you’re first in line for our latest drops and take advantage of getting just what you want. Here’s a tip: bookmark our new in and trending fashion pages to be the first to see what’s brand new and popular onsite.

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