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Brand Guide: Under Armour


Brand Guide: Under Armour

Taking the field, hitting the track, owning your discipline. When it comes to sports, health and fitness, we all strive to become better – to take a step out of the comfort zone and dip our toe into the challenging unknown.

A big part of preparation is owning the right gear. The trainers that support your feet to first place. The tee that doesn’t restrict your movement. The baselayer that keeps your warm in winter and cool in summer. Under Armour understands what you need in order to succeed, creating performance clothing designed for athletes.

Brand Guide: Under Armour


Under Armour was born in 1996 when founder, Kevin Plank, wanted a t-shirt that wicked moisture away from his skin when playing football (the American kind) at the University of Maryland. After deciding on what material would be best, the prototypes were sent out to friends in the professional game who loved what they saw. Soon, every team in the collegiate and professional game wanted Under Armour gear.

In 2019 Kevin Plant stepped down from his role after 23 years as Under Armour’s CEO, he now holds the role of Executive Chairman and Brand Chief while the CEO role has been taken on by the COO Patrick Frisk.

The brand was thrust into the public eye in 1999 when it supplied clothing and uniforms in two feature films, The Replacements and Any Given Sunday, which starred Al Pacino and Jamie Foxx.


It’s little surprise that elite athletes and performers alike are endorsed by Under Armour. The brand have put their name behind some of the biggest names in the game, such as Anthony Joshua, Tom Brady, Steph Curry and even Liverpool FC’s own Trent Alexander-Arnold!

Brand Guide: Under Armour


Kevin Plank mentioned the name ‘Body Armor’ to his brother Bill, however Bill misheard and thought he’d said ‘Under Armor’ which then stuck. The accidental name used the British spelling in order to get a fee-free phone number. If you look closely at the Under Armour logo, you will see that it’s made up of the ‘U’ from Under and the ‘A’ from armour!

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MyFitnessPal / MapMyFitness / Endomondo

In 2013, Under Armour bought MapMyFitness in 2013, shortly followed by Endomondo and MyFitnessPal in 2015. The purpose of all three of these apps are to lose weight or gain weight, and work on fitness goals. MyFitnessPal is known as ‘The largest digital health and fitness community in the world’, and with over 19 million users, there's no stopping the brands from growing!

Brand Guide: Under Armour

Brush past the shoulder of mediocrity and pursue nothing but excellence, with a brand that knows your vision. Shop our full range of Under Armour gear and join the elite.

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