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Brand Guide : Bench.



Bench Clothing

Everyone remembers Bench. Whether you wore the clothes or had friends or siblings who wore them, wearing Bench was a rite of passage throughout secondary school and college. Pushing your thumbs through the cuffs of your hoodies or secretly wedging your earphones through the thumb hole so you could lean on your arm and listen to your MP3 player, you felt like a real boss.

But what happened to Bench?

Influenced by skateboarding and streetwear, Bench was one of the most desired brands of our teenage years. Bench was founded in Manchester, England, in 1989 by Nayef Marar and Barrie Suddons. The brand was then bought by Alan Horridge, finance director of a management team for Americana. From this point on, Bench transformed and grew into a globally recognised lifestyle brand, selling men and women’s clothing. What started off with just t-shirts has now stretched to manufacturing jeans, jackets, hoodies, accessories and much more!

Mens Bench

Who owns the bench clothing brand?

The company experienced financial difficulty and fell into administration in May 2018, but since then has been secured by the US investment firm Gordon Brothers for continued development, with Apparel Brands Limited securing the European license to relaunch the brand in the EU.

Where to buy Bench clothing?

The company sells through many retailers and still have their own stores based in big cities across the UK. Internationally, Bench is doing very well, creating connections worldwide with a huge network of stores and outlets, including us! You can find a great range of Bench clothing right here at MandM.

We are lucky enough to stock Bench ourselves, with women’s Bench clothing featuring: hats, coats, t-shirts and hoodies to keep you warm on those colder days!

In our collection of men’s Bench clothing, you can purchase: t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, hats and scarves, jeans and finally kid’s Bench clothing with the perfect jeans and t-shirts for your little one.

Womens Bench

Where is Bench clothing made?

They manufacture them in China and nearby countries such as Pakistan and India.


Much like many other big clothing brands, Bench follows seasonal collections, with a fall/winter collection, autumn/summer collection and they also have a few recurring and one-off collections featuring Winter Outerwear, Loungewear, The Varsity Collection and The Logo Collection. All of these ranges are available in the UK and Canada, where the brand seems to be growing at an exceptional rate.

Bench t-shirt

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