How to Choose the Best School Shoes


It’s important to get the right school shoes for your children; they’re worn frequently during term time so comfort is key. However, with children’s feet growing at a rate of up to 8mm a year (an entire UK shoe size!), value for money is also important when it comes to school shoe shopping. The whole process can be difficult so here at MandM we’ve created a guide of things to consider when shopping for school shoes.

School Shoes

Make sure they fit

Take away the guesswork and get your child’s feet professionally measured, this will assure that the shoes will be comfortable for them and will avoid any costly mistakes! Properly fitted school shoes should have enough room for your child’s toes to wiggle, and be supportive around the ankle to keep the foot from slipping forward. Remember to take a pair of socks to a fitting as they will affect how a shoe fits. Once you know your child’s size you don’t need to pay expensive high-street prices, you can buy school shoes from MandM with huge savings against the RRP.

Buying for Primary School

For younger children Velcro styles are perfect, they’ll be able to take them on and off by themselves and the Velcro fastening will be durable enough to withstand playtime. Once your child has gained confidence with lacing you could consider a shoelace style for them.

Buying for High School

Buying for High Schoolers is where shoe shopping gets tricky, by high school most children have developed their own sense of style and may not want you to pick their school shoes. Whatever shoes they go for make sure to prioritise a good fit over the style.

Always go for quality

School shoes can be expensive so you want to make sure they’re long lasting. Leather styles are weather resistant, durable and easy to clean, whilst canvas styles are a more breathable summer shoe. Brands such as Kickers, Skechers & Start-Rite make high quality shoes that will see your child through the school year.

Check School Guidelines

Remember to check School Guidelines before shopping, many schools require children to wear black shoes, with no heels and will not except trainers for everyday use.

School Shoes

With your school shoes sorted you’ve got one less thing to worry about in September! You can explore a range of boys and girls school shoes, as well as other back to school essentials at MandM with huge savings against the RRP.

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