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Running Gear


Various Running Products

Whether you’re on your first 5k or your 100th marathon, if you want to stay comfortable and injury free you need the correct running gear.

Lightweight is the best course of action to take - it's wise to avoid cotton and go for polyester or poypropylene based materials. Polypropylene is light and wicks away sweat even when wet to keep you cool, calm and collected all the way to the finish line.

T-Shirts & Vests - You're best steering clear of cotton fabrics. For this layer you need a technical material that will wick away sweat and keep you comfortable on the track. Look out for products that are DryFit, Thinsulate, Thermax, CoolMax or Polypropylene.

Sports Bras - An essential item for women participating in any high impact activity, it's important to make sure your sports bra is fitted correctly - being tight, elasticated and above all comfortable.

Baselayers & Compression Tops - These two beauties have become a go-to item for any runner worth their sort. Thermal properties within baselayers ensure that you're kept warm during those colder months, whilst mositure-wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable. Compression tops aim to keep your posture in check and regulate breathing whilst exercising - making sure you stay on top form.

Shorts - This is all about preference. Some prefer lose fitting shorts that allow air flow, whilst others may opt for form-fitting lycra. Whatever your decision, make sure to keep it light.

Various Lifestyle Shots of Running Shoes

Running Tights - A great synthetic layer to add underneath shorts that will give you extra protection from the cold for those winter morning runs. Some running tights can double up as compression gear, which can increase muscle efficiency and improve recovery.

Running Jackets - Your running jacket has to brave all the elements you can throw at it, so make sure it fits all the necessary criteria. It must be light, thin, breathable and windproof, whilst also having rain or showerproof qualities.

Socks - Leave your cotton socks in the draw and get yourself some running specific socks. Make sure to get some in a synthetic material that will keep your feet dry and help prevent blisters.

Running Shoes - When it comes to running shoes, you have four different types to choose from:

  • Neutral - Designed for people with a neutral/regular running gait, offering plenty of cushioning, comfort and all round-protection for your feet.

  • Lightweight - A popular style of running shoe that's perfect for in the gym and everyday use because of its lightweight design and comfort.

  • Stability - Designed for runners who experience mild to moderate overpronation when running. This type usually offers a built up, cushioned inner edge to prevent the inward roll of the foot. (Not sure what pronation is? Check out our guide on recognising pronation.

  • Trail - An extra durable type of running shoe designed to protect and support the foot, often waterproof with added grip on the sole for more traction on unpredictable off-road terrain.

Looking for more information and tips? Check out our Running Guide that'll answer all your running related queries!

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