How to Choose the Right Football Boot


Firm Ground Boots

The most important piece of a footballer’s kit is the right pair of boots, so getting it right matters. With such a big decision to make that includes everything from the ground you’re playing on, fit, brand and colour, choosing the right style of boot can be a minefield. So the question is...

“How do I pick the right football boots?”

Rather than let you stress about it, we’ve pulled together an easy-to-follow run down on the differences between the main styles of football boots and when you’ll need them.

First, you might want to consider what material you’re looking for. Football boots are traditionally found in leather or synthetic materials and these all sit in different price brackets. Secondly (and this is the most important bit) you’ll need to know what kind of surface you’ll be playing on. Your options will be; grass (soft ground/firm ground), artificial ground (3G/4G), astro turf and indoor.

This is how we categorise our boots at MandM Direct to make it as easy as possible for you, so here’s a breakdown of each boot and when you’ll need them.

Firm Ground

It’s the start of the season, the Summer's well underway and the sun's shining. However, to any seasoned footballer this means that calls for Firm Ground football boots. These boots have shorter moulded studs or blades which are fixed to the sole of the boot, so can’t be removed like some with aluminium studs. Firm Ground boots provide traction and stability on hard ground surfaces and are ideal for the summer months where the ground can vary from moderately soft to moderately firm. Just look for the ‘FG’ (firm ground) abbreviation when looking to buy these boots.

Firm Ground Boots
Soft Ground

Halfway through the season, chances are that pitches will be muddy (unless you’re playing ‘soccer’ in sunny America), so take a look at our great range of Soft Ground football boots. Specifically designed to keep their grip on soggy turf these aluminium studded boots are ideal when braving the winter months on muddy and waterlogged pitches. Look for ‘SG’ (soft ground) abbreviation when buying boots for this type of use.

Soft Ground Boots
Indoor Boots

If the weather’s too miserable for playing outside, indoor football can be either a blessing or a preference. However, a different football boot is needed for this all together. Indoor Football Boots are ideal for sports halls, gymnasiums and multi-sport arenas. Their low profile soles provide the perfect grip and comfort as well as protecting the playing surface from getting unwanted scuffs or marks. Look for the ‘IN’ (indoor) abbreviation when searching for these boots.

Indoor Football Boots
Astro Turf and Artificial Ground Boots

A new must have for any footballer is Artificial Ground Boots. There’s been huge rise in the UK in recent years of 3G (rubber crumb) and 4G (longer pile to replicate actual grass with rubber/sand infill) pitches and a new surface means new boots. The rise of this newer type of surface means football can take place all year round without relying on the weather, making it a popular choice for many. Artificial surfaces are even making their way into the professional game so the rise will only continue.

You shouldn’t use studs on this type of ground as you’ll need something with dimpled soles to provide maximum grip to keep control. When you’re shopping for these boots, make sure to look for ‘AG’ (artificial ground).

Last but not least and of a similar category to artificial, is Astro Boots. These boots are specifically designed for astro turf, a very unforgiving form of artificial ground which commonly has a dusting of sand across the top of the surface. Astro boots contain a tough dimpled rubber outsole created to counteract the hardwearing surface. Due to this only astro boots should be worn on astro turf as it will result in considerable wear to any other form of boot.

These types of boots are often designed in the same way as the boots for grass pitches, meaning that they have the same features designed to ensure maximum control of the ball.

Artificial Ground Football Boots

Now we’ve got your feet sorted, how about the rest of the kit and kick off in style? Shop our huge range of football gear with big savings for the whole team.

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