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DFND Brand Guide


DFND Brand Guide

To make your streetwear stand out you must be able to offer something different. You can’t pander to the masses or follow those that have gone before. Statements must be made and new furrows must be ploughed. DFND London lives and breathes this rhetoric.

Launched in 2016, DFND looks to usher in the new generation of fashion aficionados – those unafraid to stand out from the crowd and exude their sartorial confidence.

With edgy designs, bold prints and wavy graphics; DFND is always pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a humble streetwear brand.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t find the usual suspects lurking with intent to entice. Tees, hoodies, joggers and tracksuits all find themselves at home with their feet up in this brand’s ever-expanding wheelhouse.


There’s no fading into obscurity with this lot. Keep your athleisure-wear centre of attention with timeless pieces courtesy of DFND.

Womens DFND

Hoodies and joggers are the name of this game, as you stay on top of yours. Keep comfort close-by without scrimping on style.


Looking fresh has no age requirements. Make your little man the talk of the school with some standout threads without breaking the bank.

So make sure you check out our latest drops from DFND and say farewell to the mundane.

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