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Festival Survival Guide

April 2022

You’ve booked your ticket, bought some glitter, and found the perfect tent; now all you need is the perfect festival outfit. Some of the biggest questions you ask yourself are ‘what do I wear to the festival?’ or ‘what do I need to pack, what are the festival essentials and how do I survive a weekend without all the luxuries’? Don’t worry! Here at MandM we’ve got you covered to find the perfect festival clothes.

So, what should I pack?

We all know that the British summer can be unpredictable and while we’d all love an extended Summer-long heatwave, it might not happen. So you’ve got to be prepared for any weather. So whether you’re hitting up some of the big UK festivals like Glastonbury or jumping on a plane abroad to catch the likes of Spring Break Amsterdam we’ve put together a festival checklist just for you!


Wellies are an iconic fashion statement at festivals and despite the weather you will see everyone in wellies. This is because you can prepare for the weather to turn at any point. Has it been raining? Have to trudge through the sludge? Wellies are perfect for this. Hunter wellies are one of our favourites here at MandM and with such huge savings off the RRP you just can’t say no. Wellies are also far easier to clean than your beloved white trainers.

Waterproof Jackets

Now we may have definitely refused to wear a coat during the winter because our parents forced us to back in the day, but having a waterproof jacket at a festival is essential. You don’t want the heavens to open and get your outfit all wet, leaving you soaked for the rest of the day and very uncomfortable. We know how annoying it can be to lug around a heavy waterproof but here at MandM we have lightweight waterproof jackets that are perfect for festivals. Keep yourself dry, happy and comfortable with a waterproof jacket.


Sunglasses are a necessity for seeing your favourite acts while the sun is glaring, they’re also the best way to hide dark circles from the late nights. From on-trend neon to classic aviators, we’ve got styles to suit everyone.


Nothing ruins a great time quite like sunburn, especially on your scalp (trust us, the pain is real!). Make sure to pack a hat to keep you covered. Hats are also great for covering up any hair issues that a can of dry shampoo can’t fix.

Choose from a fashionable bucket hat to a snazzy snapback from all your favourite big brands in our festival shop.


Dresses are the perfect festival outfit, they require no thought, which you may be thankful for by day two! They are easy to style up with a classic bum bag or belt. Not only are they stylish, they also take up less precious space in your rucksack.


Shorts and wellies are what we all think of when we think of festival fashion, so of course we cannot miss them out of this list. Thinking practically, skin dries a lot quicker than clothes so be sure to pack some durable shorts.

From denim, to cargo, to cycling shorts they look great with everything, even when they’ve been rolled up in the bottom of your bag.

Jumpers & Hoodies

Looking fashionable doesn’t have to leave you freezing. You may be lucky to have glorious sunshine during the day but the British night time can get extremely cold. Make sure that you pack some jumpers and hoodies, even if they are just an extra layer to sleep in. You will be thanking yourself in the morning! Don’t worry, you can still be fashionable with a jumper or hoodie. From adidas Originals to Jack and Jones to Puma we have got you covered here at MandM.


Pair your t-shirts with your shorts or even wear an oversized top as a dress. There are so many ways to style a classic t-shirt which is perfect while at a festival. From adidas to Levi’s you can find all your favourites at MandM. Top Tip: Always pack an extra t-shirt; fresh clothes will make the journey home that little bit easier.


The most common things forgotten when packing are socks. Such a simple item, but if you don’t think about them in advance you could end up in a lot of pain. Make sure that you can rely on the footwear you are taking, as you don’t want to end up with blistered feet on the first day. Plan your footwear in advance so you can make sure you’ve got the correct socks to keep your feet comfy. We have got everything you need from trainer socks to thick sports socks.

Bum Bags

Bags are always a hard decision at a festival. You don’t really want to be walking around with a backpack all day (which would get in the way of your dancing) but you also don’t want to carry your most prized handbag. That is why bum bags are perfect! They have enough room for all your essentials, like a phone and portable charger, whilst also leaving both hands free for dancing.

Top Tips

Now you’ve got your essentials packed, you now need to know the best tips for surviving any festival. We’ve put together 12 of our top tips.

1. Your footwear will get ruined. Don’t wear your beloved shoes. Get the wellies or hiking boots out, something you don’t mind getting muddy.

2. Go through the line up before you arrive, pick out the acts that you do not want to miss so you know when they’re performing and where. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you arrive.

3. A lot of festivals now use apps for schedules and site guides - download these and explore them beforehand, as the likelihood of getting 4G while you’re there is quite low due to the capacity of people all in one area.

4. Sun cream! If you’re planning to be out from sunrise until sunset, this is essential.

5. Take toilet rolls or tissues with you. Portaloos can be hit or miss, so always be prepared or risk not being able to wipe.

6. Meet your neighbours and make friends. You never know you could meet future friends for life.

7. Take with you some bin liners for wet or dirty clothes. You don’t want to be mixing those with your clean ones.

8. Remember where you have pitched your tent. Find something that stands out to you and will be familiar when staggering back to your tent in the early hours of the morning.

9. Better yet...identify your tent in some way. Whether with a flag or a spinner on a pole, anything that will make it memorable.

10. Plan your getaway. Either pack up and get off site in the early hours or take your time and wait for the crowds to die down a little.

11. Don’t take anything you’re not prepared to lose or get damaged. It’s better to be safe and leave it at home than be gutted if something happened to it.

And finally, number 12: enjoy yourself! There is always a lot to think about at a festival but you are there to enjoy yourself and enjoy the music. Don’t waste your time stressing too much, just think of the classic phrase ‘it is what it is’ and move forward.

Have we missed something? What would your top tip be?


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