adidas Originals favourites: The Superstar


While the adidas Superstar can be spotted almost anywhere today, did you know that it actually started off as a basketball shoe?

In fact, the iconic shoe was released over fifty years ago in 1969 starting off as a low top version of adidas’ Pro Model basketball shoe. Back then many basketballers favoured a pair of high top Chuck Taylors, but the Superstar revolutionised this with its leather upper and shell toe piece. Ever wondered what the shell toe was for? Well, now you know!

worn Superstar trainers

Not long after it's launch, the Superstar had caught the attention of National Basketball Association legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who won the NBA most valuable player award six times throughout his career. Kareem, wearing the Superstar, helped to make adidas a household name across America. You could say that Kareem was one of the original influencers. Soon most of the NBA had followed Kareem and started to wear the Superstar while playing, and the trainers had become the MVP for basketball players.

So how did the Superstar freestyle it’s way from the basketball court to the streets...? With the help of Run DMC - bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Wanting to make the Superstar their own, the group wore them without the laces. And no, we don’t know how they kept them on either - but it’s like that and that’s the way it is! The shoes were soon a must-have for any fan and you couldn’t go to any Run DMC gig without waving your Superstars around.

Did you also know that Run DMC were the first-ever non-athletes to be sponsored by adidas? Well, adidas had to sponsor them really, especially after they released a song called “My adidas” in 1986. But DMC certainly aren’t the only celebrities to favour the Superstar, they’re a firm favourite with Pharell Williams and David Beckham.

The Superstar isn’t just a one-trick pony either, since its release the shoes have been reimagined into special edition collaborations, including the Run DMC Superstar, and different colourways. One of the most popular variations is the sleek Black Superstar.

pair of black superstar trainers

How to clean your Superstars

Want to keep your Superstars looking squeaky clean? Follow our handy guide to keep them fresh.

Don’t machine wash - Leaving your Superstars to fend for themselves in the washing machine could leave them a little worse for wear. Hand cleaning them is the best way to take care of the leather upper.

Knock off the dirt - Knocking the soles of the shoes together should get most of the dirt off if there’s still some stubborn a toothbrush should do the trick.

Wash Gently - A drop of mild laundry soap and warm water should help to remove any stains; just take a cloth and gently wipe away the stain.

Air dry - Leave your Superstars to air dry at room temperature.

Wash the laces - The laces can also be washed gently by hand with soapy water, but if your laces are looking worn a new pair can give a new lease of life to your trainers.

Air the sole - Taking the sole out of your Superstars and leaving it to air will help to ease any odours.

Spot Clean - To prevent any permanent stains it is best to spot clean your Superstars as soon as possible.

Polish - If your Superstars have a leather upper you can give them a bit of tlc with some shoe polish.

Be sure to check out our range of shoe care products if you want to keep your Superstars looking box fresh.

close up of the side of superstar trainers

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