Women’s Leggings Fit Guide

February 2022

Women’s training and everyday style leggings

Leggings have become a long-lasting trend in today's fashion world. They are the perfect option if you’re wanting a more comfortable fashion fit or living an active sporty lifestyle. Browsing leggings can be overwhelming with so many to choose from. But don’t panic, we’ve got a wide range of styles to suit your needs.

What Are Leggings?

So what exactly are leggings? Leggings are skin tight pants that usually pull on and off with no zippers or other fastenings. Every style of leggings varies depending on what they should be used for. You may see some running specific leggings that have pockets to keep your belongings safe while you’re out or other accents to add uniqueness to the design. You can also get everyday leggings which aren’t specifically designed for workouts but more focused on fashion. We’ve delved into the world of everyday leggings vs workout leggings to help you choose the right fit.

Women’s SKECHERS high waisted leggings

Everyday Leggings

If you haven’t got a pair of everyday comfort leggings in your wardrobe this Winter then you’re doing it wrong. They are the perfect staple item for layering while also keeping you super comfortable. We all love our iconic skinny jeans but sometimes it’s nice to slide into something that is a lot more flexible and you feel free in. With the cotton elastane fabrics and elasticated waistband they’re great for everyday tasks.

Women’s Brave Soul everyday north leggings

It can feel overwhelming wearing casual leggings as a fashion statement to start with. The worry kicks in of “is this too casual?” but that is not the case. Casual leggings are super simple to style and can be perfect in the colder months as an extra layer to keep you warm. Not sure how to style everyday leggings? We’ve got a short video giving you some outfit inspiration.

From SKECHERS to Bench we’ve got a wide range of the best everyday leggings for women to browse on site.

Training Leggings

Whether you're heading to a session at the gym or trying to beat your PB whilst running, you need to do it in the perfect workout leggings. Having the right fabric is vital when wearing leggings to workout in. Compared to everyday leggings, performance leggings have a more structured fit and use power performance fabrics. These offer great support, flexibility, stretch and moisture management meaning they won’t rip or slide down during those all important work out sessions. Choosing the best gym leggings will all be dependent on your goals and current training style.

When it comes to leggings for running you will need a pair that will perform well at high level and stay comfortable for the duration. There is nothing worse than having to head home early from a run because your leggings are driving you mad by falling down. We recommend keeping an eye out on our site for styles with ‘running’ in the title. This means they’ve been specifically designed for that exercise and will allow you to enjoy your run without having to worry about any legging issues!

Women's Umbro training leggings in red

Want something that is more flattering on your figure and slims the curves? We recommend opting for some high waisted sports leggings. Paired with a stylish sports bra or crop top makes for effortless gym attire. But make sure the leggings you choose come as high as you want and don't restrict any movement.

Now you’re an expert in all things leggings it’s time to start browsing our wide selection available online. We’ve got a whole range of styles to choose from and something that will meet all your needs.

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