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Gender Pay Gap Report 2017


PAY GAP 21.8% 11.0%
BONUS GAP 39.3% 11.0%

The above table shows MandM's Gender pay Gap and Gender Bonus Gap from the date 5th April 2017.

Percentage of men and women receiving bonus pay: M 41.4% and F 45.6%

This captures the mean and median differences in hourly pay and bonus paid to men and women in the year up to and including 5th April 2020.



The above chart shows the gender distribution across four equally sized pay quartiles.

This shows that MandM has a higher percentage of male colleagues in the upper and upper middle quartiles, and a slightly higher percentage of female colleagues in the lower middle and lower quartiles.


At MandM we are confident that men and women are paid equally while working in equivalent roles.

Our data shows that we currently have a higher percentage of our male population based in more senior roles in the business.


Although we believe that our Gender Pay Gap shows that we pay equally, we have taken steps to ensure that we are monitoring this regularly in more depth and to ensure that these results are consistent in all areas.

Whilst there is a pay gap between male and female across the business, we are confident that we pay male and female colleagues equally for equivalent roles. We will continue to monitor this regularly.

This statement is signed by the Chairman of MandM, Mike Tomkins

Mike Tomkins signature

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