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Nutritional Supplements for Football

The Best Nutritional Supplements for Football

How to get your body performing at its best

Playing football requires a lot of energy, with constant bursts of sprinting, tackling and dribbling, depending on what position you play.

The average professional footballer runs between five to seven miles in a single game. While Sunday league football is just as much about socialising as it is exercising, amateur matches can still put your body under considerable strain.

No matter how seriously you take playing football a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet will help to improve your performance. Adding nutritional supplements can further improve your training and post-match recovery times.

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Supplements for training & matches

Supplements for training

What to take before you play football

Timing is everything with food and supplements. Giving your body the right fuel before you play can make a huge difference once the whistle is blown.

A good meal with low glycaemic carbs - such as oats or wholemeal pasta - will give you the energy your need to perform at your full potential. Younger players with faster metabolisms may also need to snack on a variety of fruit, yoghurt, cereal bars or sports drinks.

Remember: everyone is different. Make sure you leave enough time to digest whatever you eat before taking to the pitch to prevent feeling bloated and cramping up.

The best supplements to take before playing football include:

Creatine - Popular with gym goers, creatine aids muscle growth and body strength to improve your performance during high intensity sprinting and short bursts of energy. Great for making a quick impression from the subs bench!

Caffeine - The perfect energy booster for your training session or match, caffeine will help give you that needed second-wind just as you start to tire. Caffeine is available in a variety of supplements including capsules, drinks and whey protein shakes.

Multi-vitamins - Great for looking after your immune system during the testing winter months. While a balanced diet should always be your primary source of vitamins, multi-vitamin tablets can help to make up any shortcomings and improve areas where your body might be lacking.

What to take when your game has finished

There is one dominant supplement in post-match nutrition:

Whey protein - Essential for supporting muscle growth and repair following a football match. Whey protein is key for players with minimal rest time between heavy periods of exercise.

Whey protein can be bought in a variety formats, including ready-to-buy drinks, tubs of powder and snack bars. A good post match blend should consist of around 25g of protein and 85g of carbohydrates.

Quick tips for optimum performance

Supplements for training

Sports supplements summary

Eat low-glycaemic carbohydrates, including oats and wholemeal pasta, to provide a good basis of sustained energy. Supplement multi-vitamin tablets with plenty of fruit and vegetables to increase your energy levels and overall health. Consider what your goals are and tailor the supplements you take to support them. Understand the amounts that you need in line with your current training demands - find a simple online calculator or ask a trainer at your gym. Eat a well-balanced diet and use supplements as a way to improve your recovery times, muscle growth/strength and consistency of performance on the pitch.

CNP Supplements

CNP Supplements for training

Professional sports nutrition for athletes of all levels

At MandM Direct, we sell CNP Professional's Pro range of supplements, which includes:

CNP Professional Sports Nutrition offers a full range of protein and vitamin based supplements for any level of athlete.

Our range of products includes high quality whey protein, energy and vitamin supplements supporting lean muscle growth and recovery.

We also stock CNP protein flapjacks, energy capsules and fruit drink powders for the pre-training energy boost you crave.

View our range online now and receive a free protein shaker with every order!

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