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The Best Boots for Summer

The Best Boots for Summer

Playing safe in the sun

summer football boots

The football season might end in May, but most players don't hang up their boots for the whole summer.

There are still tournaments, friendlies and pre-season training to prepare for. The summer is the perfect opportunity to perfect your skills for when next season finally arrives. And on top of all that, this year there's the small matter of the World Cup.

But playing football in the summer provides new challenges. The wet, boggy pitches of January are replaced with dry, hard ground and astro turf, all of which require new types of football boots. There are many choices, including astro turf trainers, indoor football shoes and moulded stud football boots. Below is a guide to help choose the best boots for you this summer.

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Moulded Studs or Astro Turf Boots?

Firm ground favourites

Wearing your usual metal studs in the summer is not only uncomfortable, but also potentially dangerous. This makes moulded studs and astro turf trainers popular with players in warmer weather - but which should you choose?

Moulded Football Boots:

Light, comfortable and perfect for firmer pitches. Short, rubber studs are integrated into the sole and cannot be removed. They are placed evenly to ensure good balance and still provide grip on muddier days.

Moulded football boots are available for players of all ages, so if you're looking for a pair of kids football boots this summer, these are a great alternative to metal studs or blades.

Astro Turf Football Boots:

Dimpled soles provide maximum grip on the hardest ground. Designed especially for astro turf surfaces, a pair of astro turf trainers will keep you comfortable and balanced during the summer.

Astro turf boots are often available in styles similar to their football boots counterparts and with exactly the same features to ensure maximum control of the ball.

Indoor Football Trainers:

Low profile soles help to protect playing surfaces from unwanted marks and scuffs. Indoor football shoes are perfect for summer matches when the weather is too warm to play outside - or you're looking to improve your footwork on faster pitches.

You can see our whole range of football boots here, including astro turf trainers and indoor football shoes.

Summer Substitutions

What else should I change?

As well as changing the football boots you were to indoor football trainers, astro turf boots or moulded stud boots, consider the following substitutions for faultless fair weather football.

  • ON: Short-sleeve shirts
  • OFF: Long-sleeves, tracksuit tops and jackets

Obvious but essential; days are longer and nights are warmer. Simple short-sleeved shirts allow air to circulate and help to keep you cool in the heat. Check out our selection of football tops and get the right shirt at a discount price this summer.

  • ON: Base layers
  • OFF: Thermal vests

Thermal base layers are great in winter, but for the warmer weather, brands such as Under Armour and Skins develop base layer technology that can be worn all year round. Compression tops are designed to help regulate your body temperature by pulling moisture from your skin to evaporate in the air. They also keep you comfortable by stopping outer layers from sticking to your body. Check out our range of base layers here.

  • ON: Running shoes
  • OFF: Football boots

No pre-season would be complete without a few cross-country runs. Depending on how seriously your team takes training, you might find a new pair of running shoes is just as important as football boots this summer!

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