Brand Guide: Blowfish Malibu

March 2021

About Blowfish Malibu

With an average summer temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius, we all dream of living in sunny California, right? Well, it’s almost as if the founders of Blowfish Malibu knew this, when they teamed up to create a Blowfish shoe that embodied everything about the place they loved most. Since their beginning in 2007 they have delighted shoe lovers with comfortable on trend styles. The brand's goal is simple: quality fashionable shoes at an affordable price which captures the fresh and youthful spirit of beautiful California. So what is it that sets Blowfish Malibu apart from other footwear brands? Well, their talented team of designers work hard to interpret global trends and mirror these into their footwear. But that’s not all! The footwear is inspired by the belief that age is an attitude and that looking and feeling great is not related to a price tag. However, most impressive of all is the affordability of the boots, sandals and shoes, as the amazing styles and quality can be purchased at such great prices at MandM Direct.

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Brand growth and founders

Blowfish Malibu has had fantastic growth since its beginning and can now be found all over the world. Aside from its head office in the US, the brand now has stores in the UK, France, Canada and even Australia. The brand has now also expanded and makes adults and kids footwear, meaning there is a lot of variety whatever age you may be. Finally, we often hear about interesting success stories where athletes or celebrities become business owners, for example Tony Hawk, Venus Williams or Michael Jordan. Did you know that one of the founders of Blowfish Malibu was actually a gymnast before the company existed? So who knows, had they not decided to change careers, you might not have ever been reading this blog.

A shoe for every occasion


We have a great selection of Blowfish Malibu sandals at MandM Direct, which will all look wonderful in your summer wardrobe. What we love about these designs is that they have taken something seemingly so simple and created a variety of different looks for different occasions. If you’re a fan of flat sandals to wear on holiday and on the beach then we would recommend the ‘Blowfish Garliss Sandals’ or the ‘Blowfish Girry Sandals’. Both are styles that are easy to slip on and off, and they look amazing. If you’re looking for something to wear out to the shops or maybe a restaurant then take a look at some of our wedged sandals like the ‘Blowfish Major Platform Sandals’ or ‘Blowfish Moons Platform Sandals’, as they don’t just look summery and stylish, but they’re also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Finally, if you’re trying to find some sandals that look pretty then any of the ‘Blowfish Malibu Gladiator Sandals’ are the ones for you. They offer maximum comfort through their textile and synthetic lining, and they have a variation of colourways which can suit different outfits. One of our favourites is the ‘Blowfish Gemm Sandals’. Similarly to the boots all the sandals come at a great price point.

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Here at MandM Direct we have a wide range of Blowfish Malibu boots, and we think they’re fantastic. The boots all have their own unique style, whilst always staying true to the Californian designs that we associate with the brand, such as the ‘Blowfish Kandi Boots’ which have a leopard print look or the more subtle ‘Blowfish Rensen Boots’. Whilst the range of boots all look different, one thing that stays the same is the comfort: most are fitted with a pull tab, so they are easy to take on and off, and they also possess a foam insole for additional comfort for example the ‘Blowfish Raily Boots’. Other favourites of ours include the ‘Blowfish Lole Boots’, or the ‘Blowfish Stams Boots’, as they look and feel great, but are so affordable.

Vegan Collection

Did you know Blowfish Malibu also has a vegan range? All products in this range have been approved by the Vegan Society which was established in 1944 in the UK, and is the oldest registered vegan charity in the world. Over the last few years Blowfish Malibu have taken it upon themselves to use vegan leather in their products in an attempt to limit their carbon footprint. Not only has this change had huge benefits for the environment, but it has also proved very popular amongst fashion fanatics. One of our favourite styles in the vegan range is the ‘Galie B Sandals'. The best thing about wearing these, besides the way they make you look and feel, is that they’re so easy to afford and that they have been ethically produced. So, make sure you look out for the Vegan Society trademark stamp if you get them! So why is the vegan range special? Well, avoiding animal products is one of the best ways to take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation. Also, buying vegan products is the most effective way to lower your carbon footprint as many of the materials are man made or recycled. With this in mind we thought we’d recommend one more product from the vegan range which we love for its style, look, price and feel and that's the ‘Marge Sandal’. This shoe will keep your summer look California-cool and ethical. If you're interested in sustainable and recycled clothing that’s better for the planet, why not check out our very own sustainable range?

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