adidas Originals Favourites: Continentals

January 2021

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As we’re sure you’ll agree, adidas Originals have provided us with many great shoes over the years. The adidas Continental first hit the shelves in the late 1980s, a decade which fans of adidas often consider one of the greatest periods in the brand’s long history.

Believe it or not, the Continental 80 was actually designed in France in 1986, but was made in the USA later that year. Similar to the adidas Superstar, Samba and Gazelle trainers, which were all adidas trainers created for sporting purposes, the Continental shoe gave tennis sneakers a modern update at the time.

The design was crisp, clean and casual, with each trainer having a smart looking adidas logo on the top right of the shoe and a thin red stripe along the side. In June 2018 the adidas Continental re-appeared; this model was heavily influenced by the 80s version of the shoe, with a real emphasis on minimalism.

white and purple adidas continental shoe

Continental 80s:

Since its re-birth in 2018, the adidas originals Continental 80 has become increasingly popular. The 80s trainer has maintained the same great qualities that made it a must-have for every wardrobe back in the 80s. The timeless adidas Continental 80 has been crafted with a full grain leather upper to deliver a supreme finish and it leaves quite the impression!

The amazing thing about the adidas Continental 80 is that they bring out the same feeling in adidas fans now, as they did when they first arrived on the scene. The throwback design has a real retro feel, but the minimalistic look allows you to keep things looking fresh. The wide range of available colourways really does spoil you for choice.

grey adidas continental shoe


The timing of the adidas Continental 80 was fantastic as it was released around the same time as the Yeezy Calabasas Powerhouse (you know, those shoes owned by Kanye West). Whilst both footwear models shared many similarities, the adidas Continental 80 were the much cheaper option and therefore far more accessible. This worked out well for adidas as many consumers opted to wear the continental 80s for these very reasons.

Red colourway of the adidas continental shoe

How to clean:

So what makes the adidas Continental 80 so special? The clean, simple and effective look! The sneaker traditionally comes with a leather upper and a two-piece rubber outsole. This means it is extremely important to keep them clean. But how do we do this?

1. Remove your laces and insoles and give your boots a good shake. Making sure to remove any dirt and grit.

2. Using a shoe cleaning brush, gently brush off remaining dirt, introducing luke warm water if the dirt is stubborn.

3. After scrubbing the shoe, the pores on the leather will be open. Whilst they’re still damp, buff a conditioning cream on the leather, eyelets and stitches to stop the pores soaking up any water.

4. Dry your shoe off by leaving them to air dry at room temperature. Be careful to place the shoes out of direct sunlight and avoid radiators, as wet leather burns and will become brittle and break.

5. Store your shoe in a dry and airy space. Avoid storing wet boots in dark rooms as they will go mouldy. Stuffing the boots with newspaper will absorb excess moisture, but be careful not to over stuff!

Be sure to check out our range of shoe care products if you want to keep your Continentals looking fresh.

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