How to Celebrate Halloween During the Pandemic

October 2020


It’s nearly Halloween! It’s time to eat, drink and be scary.

2020 has just been manic with Covid19 constantly changing everyone's plans, and it doesn’t look like it's going to stop! The tradition of “Trick or Treat” won’t be happening, so we will definitely be celebrating this fa-boo-lous holiday in the comfort of our own homes. Both adults and kids have all had it tough this year, so what better way of having a bit of fun than celebrating Halloween!

With all of us already wearing masks, it's time to spook it up a bit by getting dressed up and ready to have a bunch of family fun (and snack on sweeties - it would be rude not too). When is Halloween you ask? 31st October. There's really not much time to get planning your wicked night in!

So, why not get crafty, plan some activities and make it the best Halloween ever!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, it’s quite interesting to find out why we celebrate Halloween, so we’ve done some digging and we’ve found the following.

Halloween is a celebration that takes place across many countries on 31st October, the eve of the Western Christian fest of ‘All Hallows’ Day’. It kicks off the 3-day celebration of ‘Allhallowtide’ the period in the year which is dedicated to remembering the dead, whether they’re saints (hallows), martyrs, or all of the departed.

So, with that all over. Let's get into it!

Pumpkin Carving / Painting

A timeless classic. The beauty of working with pumpkins is that you can make the activity age-appropriate. Here are some options to get you going! Get child safe pumpkin carving kits, carve the pumpkin yourself or, switch it up with painting faces on them instead.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

This is definitely a fun one!

Pick a few hiding places around the house (bread bin, washing machine, wardrobe) and create a handful of clues to direct the player to each place. So, the first clue will be given to the player. This clue will direct them to their first hiding place where they will find the second clue, so on and so forth. At the end of the hunt, there will be a prize! We recommend getting a box with a film, a bag of popcorn and some Halloween goodies and having a family film night, or it could be all the bits and bobs needed for another Halloween activity. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you decide, it’ll be a winner.

You can easily find clues for different places by typing “wardrobe riddles” for example, on google.

Pin the Spider on The Web

I mean, need I say more?

Get the gang together and ask each player to create a spider (make sure they’re all the same size for a fair game) and then create the spider web as a group. You could use cleaning pipes, paint the spider onto a large piece of card or go all out with special Halloween webbing (you know the kind). Grab a blindfold or improvise with a scarf or tea towel and get to playing! The person to pin their spider closest to the middle is the winner.


Toilet Paper Mummy

I mean, need I say more?

Luckily, we’re well away from the part of the Covid19 pandemic where the lack of toilet paper was becoming a serious problem. So if you’ve got a few rolls to spare, this may be the game for you. If you don’t, however, maybe give this one a miss. You never know when you may urgently need it!

Pair up the players and challenge them to turn one another into toilet paper mummies. Every body part apart from the nose, mouth and eyes (for obvious reasons) must be covered. The first one to turn their teammate into a mummy wins and claims the ‘Mummy of The Year’ crown!

Leaves / Hands Garland

I mean, need I say more?

This is a very cute idea that gets the whole family involved. Wrap up warm and head out on an Autumnal walk and get everyone to collect a handful of leaves of all shapes and sizes. Make sure they’re quite fresh, and not too dry and crispy otherwise this won’t work. Alternatively, draw around each other's hands and cut them out.

From there, set up a painting station and decorate your leaves or hand outlines as scarily and ghooly as you’d like! Finally, add or draw on eyes, hole punch the top of your creation and add them to a piece of string. There you have it, your Halloween Garland!


If you decide to take us up on these activity ideas and even delve in a bit of traditional dress up, tag our socials to join in on the fun!

Be safe, and have a fang-tastic Halloween!

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