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Berghaus : the brand well known for adventure, design and innovative high performing clothing technology with a huge passion for the great outdoors. Established in 1966, Berghaus have been creating outdoor clothing and accessories for over 50 years, striving to encourage everyone to enjoy the outside world. Berghaus are still the most popular outdoor clothing brand, continuing to produce clothing and accessories of exceptional quality.

Starting under the brand name ‘LD Mountain Centre’, its founders Peter Lockley and Gordon Davison from the North East of England, struggled to find any good quality hiking gear so they decided to start importing the best they could to offer to those who love the outdoors. The two founders found that with the shop growing, they could release their own line of outdoor clothing. With the company growing, they were able to start testing different materials and products until they came up with Berghaus Gemini, the first of their products to feature Gore-Tex technology. The two-in-one walking jacket has a waterproof outer-shell featuring a zip-in fleece to make sure the wearer stays warm. The Berghaus name, which when translated to German, means ‘Mountain House’, was then created.

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Berghaus Ranges Through The Years


Made up of trousers, jackets, tops, bags and accessories, this range was launched in 1986 and designed for when you’re heading into environments with extreme weather conditions. Berghaus’ Extrem clothing is lightweight, durable and made to last in difficult climates.


Created for activities where you’re in need of hardwearing and waterproof clothing and footwear, this range is filled with jackets, boots, gaiters and over-trousers to ensure you stay watertight on your outdoor mission.


Reflect technology aims to keep you up to 20% warmer than any of their other brand name jackets. Made with fine mesh layers, it provides a breathable warmth to keep you snug on your adventure.

InterActive (IA)

Where Berghaus all began with the Gemini jacket, this collection is made up of the popular two-in-one coats. The jackets feature an outer waterproof shell and a fleece mid-layer zipped into it. These beloved jackets allow you to adapt to the typical erratic British weather, allowing you to layer up without struggle or discomfort.

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Dirty Boots?

Check out these helpful tips on how to clean Berghaus walking boots!

As Berghaus boots are made with leather, keeping up regular care with them is the key to keeping them in the best condition possible!

1. Remove your laces and insoles and give your boots a good shake. Making sure to remove any dirt and grit.

2. Using a shoe cleaning brush, gently brush off remaining dirt, introducing luke warm water if the dirt is stubborn.

3. After scrubbing the boots, the pores on the leather will be open. Whilst they’re still damp, buff a conditioning cream on the leather, eyelets and stitches to stop the pores soaking up any water.

4. Dry your boots off by leaving them to air dry at room temperature. Be careful to place the shoes out of direct sunlight and avoid radiators, as wet leather burns and will brittle and break.

5. Store your boots in a dry and airy space. Avoid storing wet boots in dark rooms as they will go mouldy. Stuffing the boots with newspaper will absorb excess moisture, but be careful not to over stuff!

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