adidas Originals favourites: The Samba


adidas Originals - Samba

Did you know that the Samba is the oldest adidas shoe in constant production? Designed by the brands founder Adi Dassler in 1949 as an indoor football trainer, the Samba allowed footballers to play in icy conditions thanks to a suction design on the iconic brown gumsole. Created for functionality, the shoe originally came in the classic black colourway featuring three white stripes (which were originally a performance feature designed to support the foot) and a touch of gold, in 1954 a spiked version of the Samba was worn by Germany during their world cup victory.

While the Samba was originally designed for football, it soon became a fashion staple for British football supporters in the 1980’s thanks to its comfort and simple design. The popularity of the Samba didn’t just stop with football fans; it was worn regularly in both film and TV. Eddie Murphy wore a pair of white Samba’s in Beverly Hills Cop, Ashton Kutcher regularly wore Samba’s in that 70’s show and Ewan McGregor wore a pair of Samba Suedes in Trainspotting.

Samba’s have evolved over the years into different colour ways but the original design has largely remained, the retro design of the Samba’s pair well with any outfit making them a classic. It’s no wonder that they're adidas’ second bestselling shoe with over 35 million sold to date.

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