What To Pack? 9 Festival Essentials


Festival season is upon us! You’ve booked your ticket, bought some glitter and found your tent but what do you pack? We all know that the British summer can be unpredictable and while we’d all like the sunshine of Glastonbury, it might not happen. Here at MandM Direct we’ve made a handy packing guide, full of festival fashion which will prepare you for any weather!

1. Wellies


No one really knows what to wear to a festival in the rain! Even if the forecast is saying it’ll be sunny pack wellies as a precaution, wellies are far easier to clean than your beloved white trainers. Wellies are a must for any festival, especially during the great British summer!

2. Waterproof


Don’t let unpredictable weather rain on your parade! Packing a waterproof coat will have you covered in any weather and they’ll keep your carefully planned outfit drier than a plastic poncho would.

3. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a necessity for seeing your favourite acts, they’re also the best way to hide dark circles from late nights. From on trend neon to classic aviators we’ve got styles to suit everyone!

4. Hat


Nothing ruins a good time quite like sunburn, make sure to pack a hat to keep you covered! Hats are also great for covering up any hair issues that a can of dry shampoo just can’t fix.
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5. Dresses


Dresses are a perfect festival outfit, they require no thought which you may be thankful for by day two! Not only are they stylish they also take up less precious space in your rucksack.

6. Shorts


It’s important to remember that skin dries quicker than clothes so be sure to pack some durable shorts. Denim shorts look great with everything, even when they’ve been rolled up in the bottom of your rucksack.

7. Jumpers & Hoodies

Jumpers & Hoodies

The day can start off with glorious sunshine but could soon change. Camping can also get cold at night so make sure you take a jumper or hoodie so you can get some much needed sleep!

8. T-Shirts


Always bring one more T-shirt than you think you need, fresh clothes will make the journey home that little bit easier, because after a weekend of camping you’ll want to feel as fresh as possible.

9. Bum Bag

Bum Bag

A bum bag is as essential as wellies, they have enough room for your essentials like a phone and portable charger whilst leaving both hands free for dancing.

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