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If you’re of the belief that there’s nothing better than unboxing a brand new pair of trainers then there’s also a good chance that you’ve experienced the mixture of anxiety and excitement that comes with wearing them for the first time. What if they get dusty or –even worse- you drop something on them? They’re never going to look the same again. What a dilemma.

However, there is a solution; the clever clogs at Sneaker King have developed a range of products to keep your trainers in tip-top condition. So now you can wear your new kicks whenever you want, safe in the knowledge that they’ll continue to look as good as they did when you opened the box.

Sneaker King Protector

Protect your trainers by spraying them with the Sneaker King Footwear protector. The protector creates a breathable barrier that actively repels liquids so that you can wear your new footwear without worrying about any rogue drops or spills. What’s more, it’s easy to apply and each application lasts a month.

Sneaker King Wipes

Make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality with Sneaker King’s wipes. Each pack contains 12 wipes to enable you to tidy up your trainers in seconds. Keep a pack to hand and make sure you’re ready to tackle any accidents.

Sneaker King Solution

Wished you’d protected your trainers sooner? Don’t worry, Sneaker King have the solution. Quite literally. Their cleaning kit contains a 250ml bottle of solution and a soft bristle brush - exactly what you need to give your favourite footwear a full and deep clean. Your trainers will be back to bright before you know it.

Sneaker King Shoe Trees

Fed up of stuffing packing paper or socks into the toe of your shoes? Sneaker King’s Shoe Trees are just the ticket. They’re adjustable and breathable to enable any moisture to evaporate whilst keeping your trainers in prime condition. Give your footwear the love it deserves.

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