adidas Originals - The Story


adidas Originals – owned and loved by all, but do you know the roots of one of the world’s most popular brands?


adidas Originals brings you classic sport clothing and footwear that were once the cutting edge of sports performance wear but are now on-trend fashion pieces loved worldwide. Worn by a host of top sports personalities and pop culture icons over the last 40 years, this brand is only growing in popularity as new generations of sport, fashion and music fans embrace the adidas Originals brand.


Adi Dassler was a German shoe maker who dreamed of making shoes specifically for athletes. The first sports shoe Adi designed was a running shoe made from canvas in his first shoe factory that opened in 1924, Herzogenaurach. By 1937 Dassler’s range of sports shoes comprised of 30 different styles for a total of eleven sports. In 1948, the brand was christened adidas, combining the first two syllables of his first and last name.

Adi Dassler followed 3 main concepts while designing;

1. Produce an optimum shoe for the specific sport.

2. Reduce risk of injury.

3. Be as durable and hardwearing as possible.

To achieve this, Adi spoke to many athletes researching requirements and needs for peak performance. The inside knowledge he gained not only developed his skill-set, but also formed a huge fan base, respect and following in the athletic community worldwide. These relationships made his problem-solving skills unrivalled.


in 1972 adidas launched a new logo for the Olympic games in Munich, Germany, this became the adidas Originals logo we all know today. The Trefoil logo was originally created to symbolise sports performance, a contrast to the adidas Originals brand we see today focused more on lifestyle and street inspired clothing and footwear, however, the Trefoil still remains an icon.

The millennium saw the opening of the first adidas Originals stores across the globe with adidas introducing a new structure to their product portfolio. In 2007 the traditional structure of the adidas brand was broken down into 2 divisions: Sports Performance and Sport Style. Sports Performance is the core adidas product designed and aimed at athletes helping them to achieve maximum performance. Sports Style taking sport influence creating a more ‘sports luxe’, lifestyle trend for everyday wear.


After its launch in the 70’s the adidas Originals brand became a favourite with top sportsmen of the time. With No.1 tennis pro Stan Smith, top German football player Franz Beckenbauer and NBA basketball players all choosing adidas as their brand of choice. As a result adidas released special edition trainers from adidas Originals to honour these greats; Stan Smith, Beckenbauer and Superstar trainers that are still firm favourites with adidas Originals fans today. If you want to hear more about these iconic’s plus other favourites the Gazelle and Samba take a look at adidas Originals footwear – The Classics.


In the 80’s, adidas Originals broke in to new ground as some of the biggest pop culture icons of the time, including musicians Run DMC and Bob Marley began wearing the brand. Sport merged with fashion & music and made a huge impact on the fashion industry. This trend was revived in the ‘90s, classic sports clothing and footwear from the 1970s became a fashion staple, led by quite unlikely rock and punk bands Korn and Limp Bizkit, closely followed by more celebrities in the music industry. The trend still continues as adidas Originals continues to collaborate with a host of influencers and designers including Rita Ora, Stella McCartney, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West - creating sought after sports-inspired designs and collections, merging more into the fashion industry than ever before.

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