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Base Layers - What You Need to Know

Will base layers improve my performance?

Keeping it close to your chest

You've seen professional footballers wearing them and now your Sunday league teammates have them too; so what exactly are base layers and why are they suddenly so popular?

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The benefits of base layers

How they can help you perform to your best

A football match is short compared to other sports like tennis and cricket. But, depending on your position, the 90 minutes that it does last can put your body under significant strain.

Frequent bursts of pace, jumping for headers and diving into tackles require high levels of energy and focus. Base layers allow you to concentrate on the game by keeping your body in peak condition from kick-off to the final whistle.

Reduce your recovery time

Often referred to as compression wear, base layers are stretchable, tight-fitting clothes that compress your muscles during and after exercise. This compression helps to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in core parts of your body, shortening the time it takes for you to recover.

Stay cool and dry

The polyester and nylon in some base layers allow moisture to be drawn away from your skin when you sweat. The moisture captured by base layers evaporates quickly, keeping you dry, comfortable and free to perform at your best.

Regulate your body temperature

The football season stretches from the end of the summer, through the winter and into the spring. You'll need to be prepared for all weathers, at all times.

Cold weather base layers - often made with thicker fabrics - will keep your muscles warm and help to prevent injury.

In warmer weather, thinner fabric and short sleeves will keep you cool by wicking sweat (and heat) away from your body.

Getting the right size

Base layers of all sizes are designed to sit close to your skin. Don't rush into buying a smaller (or larger) size than normal without checking the relevant size guide first.


Buying the right base layer

Base layers are great for giving you an advantage over the opposition. Brands such as Under Armour, Nike, Lyle and Scott and Skins, offer men's and women's compression shorts, thermal vests and base layers to suit all seasons.

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