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How Compression Shorts Help with Running

How Compression Shorts Help with Running

A step by step guide

Compression Shorts

Have you ever wondered why some professional runners dress like swimmers? No, we're not talking about triathletes; we're talking sprinters, hurdlers and long distance racers.

Tight-fitting compression wear has been common at every major athletics event for years, but what benefits could it offer you? We take a look.

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What are Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are popular with runners looking to protect their upper legs and improve their training and race performances.

Sometimes referred to as base layers, compression wear is tight-fitting, stretchable clothing that compresses your muscles during exercise. Compression shorts are particularly popular with runners due to their leg-specific benefits.

What do they do?

Help you recover after a run

Have you ever felt your legs giving up on you when you're still two miles from home? This is caused by lactic acid building up in your muscles. Compression shorts help to shorten your recovery time by reducing the amount of lactic acid in your legs when running.

Make you move more efficiently

Imagine how much easier running would be if every stride used less energy. You'd be able to run further and feel less tired at the same time. By increasing circulation and decreasing muscle oscillation (the vibration of muscles in your legs) - compression shorts let you do just that.

Keep you cool (and dry) in the summer

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If you've already taken a look at our range of compression shorts, you'll have seen that brands such as Nike and Under Armour promise to wick away sweat from your body - how do they do it?

It's all to do with the material. Compression shorts made out of polyester and nylon are great at drawing moisture away from your skin. This then evaporates as you run, leaving you dry, comfortable and free to focus on the race ahead.

Keep you warm in the winter
Cold weather compression shorts are made from thicker materials to keep your muscles warm and prevent painful strains. Winter base layers are sometimes slightly looser, allowing them to trap a layer of warm air close to your skin.

Wearing Compression Shorts as Outerwear

While most base layers are worn as underwear, some high quality compression shorts can be worn on their own.

Much like our professionals from the opening paragraph, football goalkeepers, cyclists and tennis players are already jumping on the base layer bandwagon.

If you're planning on wearing your compression shorts as outerwear, we suggest choosing a branded style with good quality stitching and a comfortable elasticated waist.

Can anybody wear them?

Yes. Compression shorts are available in a range of styles for men, women and children. You don't have to be Usain Bolt to enjoy the benefits that base layers offer; simply pick a pair that you like and give them a try.

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